Who we are

Wine Yeast and Bacteria producer and supplier

Lallemand is still the only major supplier of wine yeast or bacteria that is a primary producer of both and the company owes its success to its constant pursuit of excellence, flexibility, ongoing investments in research and development and a broad range of high quality products.

Expertise in Alcoholic fermentation and Oenological properties

Lallemand Oenology, since the 1970’s, furthered its fermentation expertise by researching high quality wine active dry yeasts for the world wide oenology industry. Soonafter, Lallemand Oenology started developing wine bacteria, but also nutrients and protectors for yeast and bacteria, and specific inactivated yeasts, for their contribution to the quality of wine. Developed through its international network and biotechnology expertise, Lallemand Oenology also offers a range of enzymes for settling, clarification and extraction. All those products, some of which are patented, are essential tools to improve wine quality and define wine styles.

Regional teams in major wine-producing regions

Lallemand Oenology has regional offices located in most of the major wine-producing regions. Our team and network are in close daily contact with the researchers and users of Lallemand Oenology products in their regions. Regional team members serve their customers’ needs, provide training and offer oenological advice. Their work is carried out in collaboration with a network of recognized distributors and specialists who operate in the heart of each wine region.

Equipe Lallemand

Production facilities

Lallemand Oenology wine yeast production facilities are located in Grenaa (Denmark), Montréal (Canada) and Vienna (Austria). Wine bacteria are produced in a specially accredited facility (GMP pharma) in Aurillac (France) and in Montréal (Canada). Lallemand Oenology has a strong quality policy and is certified ISO 9001 (v.2000) : the products all pass 20 rigorous quality tests before leaving the factory and are traceable for 4 years after production.

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